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Welcome To

The Rainbow Tribe

These one-of-a-kind creatures are sure to brighten your day. With their adorably sleepy eyes and sweet dispositions, Add a touch of whimsy to your life with one of these mythical cuties.

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Mythical Creatures

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5th December 2022

Mint Date

About Our Collection

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Rainbow tribe are mythical creatures each one-of-a-kind, who never die and their special power is spreading happiness, joy, prosperity and peace on whichever planet they go.
 After knowing about war, killings and all kind of bad things happening on Earth, the rainbow tribe decided to visit us and since then we have seen nothing, but happiness and peace all around.
 It’s time now that they leave for other planets who need them badly, but as a departing gift they have left us RAINBOW EGGs Which will hatch into Rainbow Beings who will stay on Earth forever ensuring ever lasting prosperity of Earth and all the living things on it. 

 These eggs need a lot of care in order to be hatched! Are you willing to provide them enough warmth and comfort of your love?


Idea, Design. Community Building 


. The Rainbow Tribe is a project sparked by a single moment of inspiration.
. We will pick 500 Creatures from The Rainbow Tribe BEST ONES to create Plushy Toys & whoever hold those creatures will receive the same plushy toy as gift! All of those creatures will be available on our web3 store for anyone to buy. If you're a holder of 1 of those 500 Creatures. You will receive Royalties from the sales (Percentage will be set) and sent directly to the owners wallet.
. After selling out we will buy a land for the rainbow tribe holders in the most popular Metaverse “SandBox” & start land development on it with different play 2 earn games and other social experiences.
. While working on our Metaverse, we will also launch a store where you will be able to buy plushy Rainbow Toys & Merch.
. All the Rainbow Tribe holders will be able to claim our next secret drop for free.
. We will evolve as new things come up and expand our roadmap to how the market situation is at that moment.






Mint Milestones

$300 Cash prize to 3 people ($100 EACH) and 7 Rainbow Eggs distributed between 10 of our holders.

$400 Cash prize to 4 people ($100 EACH) and 6 Rainbow Eggs distributed between 10 of our holders.

$500 Cash prize to 5 people ($100 EACH) and 5 Rainbow Eggs distributed between 10 of our holders.

$1600 Cash prize to 8 people ($200 EACH) and 7 Rainbow Eggs distributed between 15 of our holders.

$2500 Cash prize to 10 people ($250 EACH) and 10 Rainbow Eggs distributed between 20 of our holders.


The Rainbow Tribe

© 2022 Rainbow Tribe. All rights reserved.
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